The Team Behind The Team

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Tanya Herndon, Head Coach

Coach Tanya has been with our program since 2017 and her love of Niceville Cheer and our school in general runs deep. She is a mom of 3 and coaches our middle school. She is also a pure barre instructor in her “free time.” Coach Tanya is passionate about the big picture and producing strong, well-rounded athletes and positive ambassadors. She lives for an energetic practice, a good strong competition cheer, sign work on the sideline, cheering at volleyball games and millions of stunt reps.

Lindsey Williams, Assistant Coach

Coach Lindsey came to us summer of 2020 and we could not be more thankful for her. She is a mental health nurse, mom of 4 and one of the most genuinely caring people you will ever meet. Coach Lindsey has judged some of the most well known cheerleading events in the country and brings us a wealth knowledge and attention to visuals and the fine details. She loves a good heel stretch and is passionate about athlete nutrition.

OJ Williams, Assistant Coach

Coach OJ also came along with his other half in the summer of 2020 and has forever changed the way we train our mentality. He keeps us grounded, mentally sharp and after years as an athlete, judge and coach of all levels is a technical wizard. When he is not volunteering his time with our program, he is dad to 4 and an Air Force mental health specialist. Coach OJ advocates for sleep and structure as they relate to athletic mental performance.

Lori O’Laughlin, Program Coordinator

Ms. Lori is our logistical mastermind. Her daughter Ellie is a 2021 grad of our program and 2x state champion. She decided she was not ready to leave us yet, so came on board to help us with anything and everything. She handles all of our fundraising and coordinating parent needs/endeavors, attends games and travels on most trips. We are so thankful to still have her with our team!

Specialty Staff Bios Coming Soon